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The new breed of RVs many people are talking about today are destination trailers – larger, more spacious and even more comfortable recreational vehicles that are designed to be towed to a location and left there for longer periods of time – almost like a summer home or cottage on wheels! You might say that the higher ceilings, heavier furnishings, more home-like appliances, longer length (about 40 feet) and greater weight make these travel trailers – sometimes known as “park models” – their own destination, as owners often park these RVs in campgrounds and visit them throughout the summer months. RV Wholesale Superstore offers these amazing trailers for your viewing pleasure below, featuring Cedar Creek Cottage, Cherokee, Coachmen Catalina, Sierra, and Wildwood DLX and Lodge models. Trust RV Wholesale Superstore for all your RV needs – your “destination” for new & used RVs full of value and quality!

RV Wholesale Superstore has new & used destination travel trailers, featuring:

  • Creative floor plans
  • Appliances such as LCD TVs, air conditioners, refrigerators and microwave ovens – all the comforts of home!
  • Spacious bath/shower units
  • Large king & queen-size beds
  • Functional, convertible furniture
  • Financing
  • Route 66 warranty plans

RV Wholesale Superstore has been family-owned and operated since 1972. We want to make you the proud owner of a fine destination trailer you’ll be glad to call your own “home away from home.”

Visit RV Wholesale Superstore online before you come to visit our huge show yard and take some time to shop through our massive inventory of RVs both new and used. If you’re unable to journey to our show yard for one of our new or used destination trailers, we can even ship & deliver throughout the United States and Canada.

There’s no place like your home on wheels when you find the perfect travel trailer for your family’s needs. Get started on a new love affair with the open road and adventurous living via outstanding bargains on great destination trailers in North America from RV Wholesale Superstore.

RV Wholesale Superstore hopes to be your first choice for excellent destination trailer RVs in North America, so please contact us today to get rolling!